Design Thinking - Set Goal, Make Plan, Get to Work, Stick to it, Reach Goal, HAPPY!

the full spectrum of creation, passion & innovation!

Creative Strategy

We help you find and Create Passion through Innovation. We don’t just want clients, but we want life-long business friends. PxS looks forward to helping you succeed in your business. PxS deploys a wide array of strategy tools to provide a clear road map to travel to your future. This is part of the discovery phase where we do a deep dive, and spend as much time with you as we can to really learn you business and processes, but most importantly we really learn you, your dreams, your passions & your audience. This is the most important aspect to what PxS does, and is vital to make sure we give you the biggest ROI (return for your investment) into us.

Branding Loyalty & Influence

Your company IDENTITY is simply the look, persona & voice of your company. Your BRAND is so much more... PxS tells stories in a creative & visual way to the modern digital age. The story of your company is still being written, and this is your BRAND for better or for worse! This is where THE PASSION comes to play, your BRAND’s PASSION is the road people travel to attach to your PASSION, and now your can achieve your dreams. The only question will you let us help you get there?

Next Trend Experience

These mediums are often interchangeable, and completed at the same time. Sometimes they are done in phases, and not always in any specific order. PxS will never sell you on services you do not need. The beauty of what we do is to understand the needs of our clients through a thorough research and consultation process.

We’ve turned down a mobile app job because we realized the client only really needed a responsive design website to be device agnostic. Sure we could have charged much more for a mobile app & website, but now we sleep good at night because we did the right by our clients.

UI (User Interface) design always where PxS begins when approaching these projects, and likewise UX (User Experience) is the heart of every project even for print design projects. User/Customer Experience is key a attribute that should always be in mind when a professional takes on any project for their clients.

Starting every project off in a wireframe format, then hi-fidelity mock-ups to help you see the vision before any coding is done ensures you get what you want and need.


Video & Interactive Media & Voice Overs

Pixel Spectrum has been doing video for a long time, and whether it’s a music video, commercial, promotional video, interactive video or multi-media production PxS has what you need. This also includes video & interactive infographics.

  • Need help writing the script? Yep, PxS does that!
  • Need voice talent? Yep, PxS has that covered!
  • Need story boarding and layout? Yep, PxS can!

PxS started in the full Graphic Design space, and stay consistent in this space that started it all. Whether Product Development, Print, Digital, Graphic, Web, Advertising, TShirts, Signage, Decals& Stickers, Printing Services, and more. We either do it, or have the connections for it!

Navigating the noise of the modern digital age can be daunting... the right partner helps make the search easier.