The Magical Process of Design

Step 1 of the Process

Define the Need

You can’t find a solution until you have a clear idea of what the need for your business is. PxS works together with you in a thorough consultation process to DEFINE THE NEED. This takes place a during a deep dive Q&A session with you and/or your stakeholders to ensure we have all needs well defined for the next step. Many times Step 1 and Step 2 will coincide in part and overlap.

Step 2 of the Process

Brainstorm & Identify

One thing that PxS does well is helping business find their need. Some times that need is something you don’t realize your business needed. Many times these are built into the project with no additional fees or costs. This is usually where we will identify multiple options and approaches to explore in the next step. This is also the step many others overlook, yet we ensure it is never skipped!

Step 3 of the Process

Research & Explore

Here PxS takes what we learned in the Design Brainstorm & Identity session, and begin to explore these approaches. We also want to research your business, industry and even competition to see where you can be a disrupter in your industry in a good way to ensure your the trend setter going forward... if you’re willing. We have to qualify this since not everyone is willing; nonetheless PxS takes you where you want to go.

Step 4 of the Process

Choose an Approach

PxS in this steps brings forth the proposal of approaches to allow you to choose the direction you want to go, or we choose to combine elements of each together. PxS will always help you see the full vision to ensure nothing is missed or overlooked. This is also where the milestones for the project will be defined to allow for ease of accountability in the next phases and on-time delivery.

Step 5 of the Process

Design, Develop and/or Prototype

This is where the magic happens! PxS now takes all that we have decided on in the wireframes, and turn them into hi-fidelity mock-ups and/or final product. If it’s UI/UX then you will soon have a fully functional site. If it’s print design then PxS delivers your final artwork to be printed. If video then you’ll soon be able to send the final everywhere, and etc. The favorite part is to watch the ideas come to life, and you get what you’ve asked for.

Step 6 of the Process

Test & Re-valuate

Once everything is completed, and depending on the project a thorough re-valuating process begins. Some projects do not require these last two steps. For those that do PxS continues to test and re-valuate for you for a period of 90 days to help you get all the impact you need. A longer period is always an option continued in the next step.

Step 7 of the Process

Refine the Design

Certain projects benefit most from a continued refining process. This can as simple as content updating and SEO, to a complete overhaul every couple years to refresh your product. Even advertising campaigns benefit from a continued refining process either before or after start of launch. PxS will always be here to help along the way.

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