About Pixel Spectrum

Giving clients the service they deserve is the cornerstone

Based in Dallas, Texas PxS has helped clients in Florida, California, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Georgia. PxS has also provided consulting services for start-up businesses in the United Kingdom and Dominican Republic.

Over the years PxS has developed connections to build a team of go to designers and developers to always stay on top of new technologies, know-how and trends to get your job done right, on-time and on budget. PxS has over 15 years of experience in the industry, and over 100 years combined with the go to team of design rock stars! When you hire PxS you don't just get me, but the go to team as needed.

Let PxS help you with your business needs specifically designed for your business on an original idea with you and your customers or users in mind. If you need UI/UX, Web, or Mobile design... PxS has you covered! If you need video production and voice talent... PxS has your takes. If you need Logo, Brand Identity, or Goverance work... PxS will help you make the impact. If you need print design like business cards, banners, ad design, posters, etc... PxS will get you large and in charge. PxS can do so much more as well, get start today and HIRE PxS.

PxS has worked with and for some of the biggest names in industry, as well as small start-ups to mom and pops type business. PxS believes in giving each client one on one attention, and the best quality work they deserve regardless of business size.

for the love of design - artwork.

Technical Skills:

  • 15+ years of experience hand coding HTML via text editor and Adobe Dreamweaver code view
  • 15+ years of experience in architecting UI/UX for end users' ease of navigation
  • 10+ years of experience in CSS/LESS
  • 7+ years development for cross browser/OS compatibility & testing
  • On top of the latest trends in HTML 5, CSS 3, LESS & Twitter Bootstrap
  • Creating basic wireframes to clickable prototypes of flow to later transformed into design
  • Ability to work with Sr. Developers to make their code fit into UI/UX and troubleshooting/debugging
  • Print designer with 10+ years of experience and always finding new ways to bring that style of design into Web Design
  • 10+ years of experience in logo design and brand development as well, and have even had one of my logos selected in a contest for the Logo Lounge Books (volume 6 or 7), including working within pre-determined brand standards and guidelines.
  • Audio/Video editing experience including multimedia/flash development
  • Well versed in mobile only, grid, and responsive design add-ons and uses

Some call it a religion, I just love what I do, and it shows! Pixel Spectrum has over fifteen years of proven art and visual media experience and abilities in conceptual thinking, a daring eye and implementation. I've served clients from small start ups to some of the bigger names in business today, I always believe in giving our clients quality work at a fair price.

As a child our founder Eric Carbaugh started with crayons and pencils in hand. Quickly marketing know how as a talent became apparent. While in high school he took 3 years of art class and 2 years of drafting/architecture which as a result he began to excel in all forms of art media.

After high school he enlisted in the United States Marines, and quickly began developing displays for Public Relations & Marketing in my assigned units. Toward my last years of active service he began experimenting with web design (1998), and has not looked back.

In my early years of web design I began to experiment more and more of pushing the envelop of aesthetically pleasing designs and functionality, moreover a perfect cohesion between the two thoughts.

Since, "giving more" has always been placed in the forefront of what I believe in and the cornerstone of freelance design business I have been highly sought after and regarded by many who are always looking for more at a fair price.

I am a Visual/Digital Media and Graphic Design Professional, located in the South Florida area specializing in Graphic Design, Advertising Design, Web Design & Development, Branding, identity, Video Production & Videography, Marketing Design, Multimedia, Print & Design, Web Hosting, and much much more. Are you plugged in with your visual media  designs?

Visual media can be a very daunting idea if you don't know where to begin. Furthermore, finding the right outlet to plug your messages into can cost your business more time and resources than you can afford. Using a one "design" fits all approach does not make sense as each ad campaign or project has different needs, and often audiences. At Pixel Spectrum I make it easier by providing you everything you need in one stop.

Since visual media is combined of many forms of media it's difficult to classify into a single area. The truth is visual design is made up of advertising, marketing and graphic design where graphic design is then further divided into other disciplines.

Whether you need business cards, website, video production, brochures, multimedia or anything else that evolves around a visual representation of your idea I make it happen along with other connections in the industry I have made for more in depth programming where needed.

Are you plugged in with your visual media needs? Find out how I can help today, and plug into the energy of design!